Xemplar Auto 3.5 Enables New Telematics Options for Smaller Insurers & MGAs



Xemplar Insights, a digital transformation company specializing in smartphone telematics and digital customer engagement solutions.

Press Release

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Xemplar Insights, a digital transformation company specializing in smartphone telematics and digital customer engagement solutions, has launched Xemplar Auto 3.5, a new smartphone telematics platform that fits the needs and budgets of all sizes of personal auto insurers and MGAs.

No matter where an insurer is in their telematics journey, Xemplar Auto 3.5 has the right combination of features and pricing to deliver driver behavior insights that can lower risks and claims. With low-cost turnkey options for POCs and start-ups, to fully customized telematics mobile apps with policy self-service features, or a build-your-own telematics SDK, Xemplar Auto 3.5 is the right choice for telematics and digital engagement.

“Small to medium sized insurers and MGAs recognize the need for smartphone telematics for risk management and UBI. However, many are not able to commit the financial and manpower resources to roll-out a comprehensive telematics based UBI program from day-one. Other insurers are ready for a more customized and highly configurable telematics solution, but need to maximize their digital spend for mobile policy services. And lastly, there are insurers who want to create their own telematics experience but need telematics only options to complement their existing mobile app. This release of Xemplar Auto 3.5 enables all of these options so an insurer can choose the approach that best suits their situation without having to break the bank.” says SK Tirumala, CEO of Xemplar Insights. “With this new offering, we hope that insurers and MGAs who thought that quality smartphone telematics was too expensive, would evaluate Xemplar Auto 3.5 to accelerate their digital transformation and UBI journey.”

About Xemplar Insights

In operation since 2015, the Xemplar team develops innovative software products and solutions to enable P&C carriers, MGAs, and commercial fleets with digital transformation in the areas of (a) telematics-based risk management, (b) policyholder self-services, and (c) customer engagement. Built using robust cloud architecture and native mobile and web frameworks, Xemplar products are designed to be scalable, flexible, and extendible to suit the needs of P&C insurers. www.xemplarinsights.com.

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