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Press releases will always be a staple of any public relations endeavor. They are at the vanguard of informing the public about a company’s new product or activity. The press release also catch the interest of reporters and stimulate them to interview the company about it or even feature it in an in-depth article about the topic of the release. A well optimized press release leads your business to instant exposure in various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.

The challenge for every business owner is deciding how to disseminate their press release. Firms customarily engage the expertise of established press release services to provide them full coverage and prime placement. There are multiple paid press release distribution services in the market. When choosing a service, it is important that the one you pick is suitable to your requirements and budget. Here at www.ePressRelease.org, we offer a free as well as paid press release distribution service.

www.ePressRelease.org helps you create an online presence of your business and bring more visitors to your business website. You create an announcement about your products or services and we send it online around the world. Submit your news or press release content with us and get it reached out to your prospects.


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