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Best non owner car insurance policy will cover all the damages caused to the car. For best and afforable compensation rates you can contact us for more details

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What is non-owner car Insurance? What does it cover and what doesn’t?

Non owner Insurance is used by people who don’t own a car but frequently rent a car, or if they have a certificate of car insurance. One could opt for the best nonowner car insurance policy for people who need liability coverage for their car. So you can get the non-owner car insurance quote from here.

Automobile liability insurance provides compensation if you cause damage or injury to others in a car accident.

What does non-owner car insurance cover?

If you are involved in a car accident while driving a rental car or other borrowed vehicle you can buy a non-owner car insurance policy that will cover.
• Medical expenses: Physical harm you cause to others.
• Damage the property of others: The cost of repairing a car or repairing damaged items such as a fence.                                                                                                                                             • Legal defense. If you are sued for causing a traffic accident.
What doesn’t auto liability insurance cover?

Although auto liability insurance is meant to cover a driver’s basic needs, there are some common exclusions.
Damage to the vehicle you are driving: Non-owner auto insurance includes non-collision and comprehensive insurance, which cover a variety of issues such as vehicle theft, fire, flood, hail, riot, vandalism, animal collisions, and falling objects. If someone else causes an accident while you are driving the car, the car owner can claim damages under his or her collision insurance policy or against the driver’s liability insurance of the person who caused the accident.
Injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident: If your non-owner auto insurance policy only includes liability coverage, it will not cover injuries sustained in a car accident. If you want to cover injuries, you may be able to add health insurance.
Other drivers: Generally, auto liability insurance only covers you, not your spouse or other drivers in your household. Some insurance companies won’t allow you to buy non-owner insurance if someone in your family has personal auto insurance.                                         • Business promotion: If you drive a car for work purposes, such as delivering goods to customers, your non-owner auto insurance likely won’t cover you. Commercial is a common exclusion for non-owner auto insurance policies.
Personal property: Automobile liability insurance does not cover lost, damaged, or stolen personal property. For example, if someone steals your laptop from your rented car, your auto insurance won’t cover it. You may be able to get coverage for your personal items through your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.