Kim Manley of KM Herbals to Speak at Upcoming Community Event



Founder of luxury aromatherapy skincare brand will discuss motherhood and her inspiration for starting a business

Press Release

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Dillon Beach, CA: A skincare brand born from the desire to craft a superior-quality product, featuring non-toxic ingredients safe enough even for a baby’s delicate skin. That is the vision behind KM Herbals, a luxury skincare company with a line of products that range from high-quality moisturizers to invigorating aromatherapy blends.

The spirit behind KM Herbals was formed while owner Kim Manley was awaiting the arrival of her baby, concerned about the quality of most mass-market baby care products. She set out to create skincare and body wellness products that were gentle and mild yet still effective, with formulas featuring only the finest plant-based ingredients.

This motherly instinct is part of what sets KM Herbals apart as a brand. They not only feature a great selection of carefully-crafted aromatherapy skincare products, but a down-to-earth philosophy that centers around family, community, and self-care. Nearly 30 years later, KM Herbals and its women-led team are still growing, with a sizable product line of professional-quality skincare products, hair care, body care, and specially crafted aromatherapy blends, all of which use wildcrafted and organic ingredients whenever possible.

This unique journey of motherhood and family will be explored in greater detail at an upcoming virtual event, in part 1 of Women in Conversation at Home, set to take place on March 25, 2021. Highlighting creativity and renewal, the first part of this series will feature Kim Manley as she discusses what inspired her to start a plant-based skincare business and how motherhood was the driving force behind her decisions.

This online event series is meant to help empower and motivate women through shared experiences and the joy of their accomplishments. In light of the unique challenges of this past year, the series is emphasizing lighthearted and inspirational topics, centered around the journey of motherhood. Lifting up Kim Manley and her unique story, as well as the voices of other women, this event seeks to encourage optimism and education while having fun at the same time.

KM Herbals is a company that believes in the importance of responsible stewardship of the planet and the power of building an impactful community, and this is reflected throughout their line of high-quality botanical skincare products. If you are interested in learning more about herbalist Kim Manley’s inspirational journey and her company’s line of organic aromatherapy blends and other aromatherapy skincare products, you can easily register for the March 25th Women in Conversation at Home: Motherhood & More event online.

For inquiries into KM Herbals and the quality products that they feature, as well as their wholesale skincare and private label options, you can reach out to their team at [email protected], or call them at (707) 878-2980.