Online Doctor Consultation: What are the pros and cons of it?



Virtual general health care Canada received a boost today when a bilateral agreement was signed by the Minister of Health, the Honourable Patty Hajdu, on the 5th of February 2021, with British Columbia to provide virtual healthcare for its residents. 

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Online Doctor Consultation: The Pros & Cons

Nobody wants to wait for hours to consult a doctor regarding their condition in today’s digital day and age. That is why online medical doctor consultation has surged in demand nowadays. As the masses are getting familiar with virtual means, they are seeking more convenient healthcare measures.

Since more consumers are putting leisure alongside value, more online healthcare service providers are emerging. While the number of consumers availing online medical doctor consultations is increasing, many still have mixed perceptions regarding the field. If you also have some speculation regarding the domain, this blog will help you equip an informed opinion.

Here are the top pros and cons of online medical doctor consultation –

Benefits Of Online Medical Doctor Consultations

No Geographical Boundaries

The best advantage of consulting a medical advisor online is the eradication of territorial restrictions. Patients can meet esteemed medical professionals without having to leave their room’s comfort. Even if in the covid situation you reside in a rural area with a subpar internet connection, you can avail COVID-19 Online Doctor Consultation.

Money & Time Saving

The second most valuable benefit of online doctor consultation is that it saves time and money. You do not have to stand in long queues to consult a doctor. You can also save money on fuel and travel expenses. Additionally, most online healthcare service providers offer affordable consultation and diagnosis, saving even more funds.

Unmatched Convenience

If getting a medical professional’s advice from your home is not convenient, nothing else will be. Online doctor appointment scheduling is available 24/7, so you can talk to a doctor whenever you please. Your medical reports can be received and shared remotely, taking the convenience bar to another level.

Cons Of Online Medical Doctor Consultations

Lack of Awareness

The biggest drawback of online medical doctor consultation is the lack of awareness and means to capitalize on the service. There are numerous scenarios where patients are either unaware of the tech or cannot access it handily. There is also a comfort factor that may hinder some patients.


An online medical consultation opens the doors of miscommunication for many users. Not everyone is accustomed to the setting, so it is viable for some mishaps to take place.

Possible Security Concerns

Just like any other digital activity, sharing your medical reports online can also incur security issues. If you indulge with an unreliable medical platform, your data privacy and confidentiality might be on the line too.