Eat Rite Foods Releases a 20% Discount Coupon



Leading prepared meal delivery service provider Eat Rite Foods releases a 20% discount coupon. The coupon code is SHOWDOWN20 and can be applied to the total cart purchase.

Press Release

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Eat Rite Foods, the leading New York-based prepared food delivery service provides has announced 20% discount coupons for a limited time. Any person utilizing these coupon codes will be able to receive a discount on their first order.

“We are releasing the discount coupon codes for the people who order the first time and will be providing more in the future for vacations and other special events. Anyone who uses the coupon code SHOWDOWN20 will get a 20% discount on their shopping cart, said a spokesperson from the organization.

Eat Rite Foods allows you to pick from many meals per week, and in about half an hour or less you can whip up delicious meals that work with your cravings and nutritional restrictions. Eat Rite Foods has included fresh ingredients for meals like shrimp scampi noodles, farmhouse roasted chicken, and tomato risotto. Menus are set previously, so you can find out what’s for lunch more than a month in advance.

The Several Meal Plans At Eat Rite Foods Contain:

Breakfast Meal Plans

  • Breakfast Burrito
  • Cheddar Turkey Scramble
  • Chargrilled Steak & Eggs
  • Turkey Sausage Links & Scrambled Eggs

Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan

  • Sweet Honey Bbq Chicken
  • Chivetta’s Roasted Chicken Dinner
  • Rotisserie Chicken & Cheddar Keto Dinner
  • Texas Smoked Bbq Chicken
  • Honey Roasted Balsamic Chicken
  • Buffalo Wing Chicken Mac & Cheese

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