Karani Nyamu Is Positive For The Children To Learn Sports Like Never Before!



Karani Nyamu Ann Waiguru in 2002 together with Chris Amimo, founded LigiNdogo, Kenya’s first and premier Childrens football academy.

Press Release

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Karani Nyamu is an Nairobi based African businessman of high repute. He is not only astute in his busness endavours, he invests heavily in the future of youth in Kenya. He is a gentleman with a vision to positively impace those around him. His business ventures span Technology, Real estate and Sports.

Karani Nyamu Ann Waiguru in 2002 together with Chris Amimo, founded LigiNdogo, Kenya’s first and premier Childrens football academy. Ligi was a culimnation of an illustrous career in sports promotion that started in 1996 wih the founding of 3on3 basketball junior challenge.  Together with Patrick Musimba and Andrew Lopokoiyit, Karani and Amimo took the basketball scene by storm. Intorducing what was at the time a novel mode of playing modeled on street basketball popularised in the inner cities of America.

Karani Nyamu Luke Ouko, and his partners took 3on3 to the highest  level with in its uptake by Coca Cola for  its brand Sprite, 3on3 now renamned Spriteball took Africa by storm.   Karani Nyamu and Chris Amimo were not done by a long shot, the start SoccerMania, a football based extaravaganza purposefully built for the Coke brand and which ran from 2000 to 2001.

The Ligindogo curriculum is designed to develop, nurture and expose children’s football and athletic skills at an early age. Karani Nyamu Josephine Kabura  and Chris Amimo’s vision was for a four year old who requires motor balance to a senior who receives guidance and co-operation in team play, Ligi offers them a quality program which uses football to empower them to also impact positively in any social setup they engage.

The academy by Karani Nyamu NYS also has the Senior team that is powerful, experienced, and skilled enough to compete in the National Super League. Ligi Ndogo Planets as its called is the ultimate price of long journey started as an Atom. It emerged as a result of players graduating from level to level within the Ligi soccer hierarchy.

The Youth Academy at LigoNdogo S.C., by the chairman, Karani Nyamu Safaricom, opened in 2002 and gave students immense opportunities across the nation. Two different teams—one under 9 and the other under 19 regularly participate for national and international soccer matches.

Karani Nyamu’s Ann Waiguru Ligi Ndogo football club in Nairobi focuses on building the right schedules, classes, matches, and trials from the early stages. This helps the students to become champions before they finally step into the grounds for national, zonal, or international matches.