How to transform big data to smart data using data engineering?



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    We are at the cross-roads of a universe that is composed of actors, entities and use-cases; along with the associated data relationships across zillions of business scenarios. Organizations must derive the most out of data, and modern AI platforms can help businesses in this direction. These help ideally turn Big Data into plug-and-play pieces of information that are being widely known as Smart Data.

    Marketing and B2B powerhouses are increasingly seeing through the ‘thick’ of data and would want to work with cool and smart data alternatives that are thin and sleek. These organizations have moved into the mainstream of ‘Smart Data’ initiatives, reports suggest. The focus will now be on interpreting real-time Business Intelligence from clusters of Smart Data to manage long-time reputation with partners, manage product lines, trim or enrich discounts and offers, and more importantly – manage relationships with partners and valuable stakeholders.

    Industries such as wine and beverages are aiming at tapping data based on customer-centric requirements. Research quotes domain expert admitting real-time information is indeed vital – and as data is powerful for them, they would deploy AI that can segregate meaningful information, as consumer eyes newer beer variants in a market that is ‘saturated’. Smart Data would help gauge the preferences of a consumer who is looking around for substitutes according to buying patterns – such as changing moods and weather conditions.

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