New Book By Lev Mikulitski Redefines Learning Methods For Children



Discover the Enchanting World of Mr. Who: A Series of Children's Books Focused on Essential Life Skills

Press Release

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 Lev Mikulitski introduces an enchanting collection of children’s books titled “Mr. Who’s Remarkable Expeditions – Volume I.” This thoughtfully curated series is designed to redefine learning methods for children aged 4 to 10, providing an engaging and transformative experience for both children and parents.

Unlocking Essential Life Skills Through Engaging Stories

Parents play a crucial role in shaping their child’s character and preparing them for life. Lev Mikulitski’s series, “Mr. Who’s Remarkable Expeditions,” is an enjoyable exploration of essential life skills. The first volume covers five crucial skills, including self-confidence, critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, and effective communication, through five engaging short stories.


The journey starts with captivating stories that follow John, also known as Mr. Who, a creative and resourceful child. These stories depict typical daily situations that require a deep understanding and application of essential life skills.


After reading each story, families can discuss thought-provoking questions together. These questions help children to think more deeply about the skill presented and encourage parents to learn alongside their children. By having these discussions, families can build a stronger connection and better understand the material. 

Set in relatable, real-life situations, the stories capture John’s experiences at school, at home, and in the playground. As John draws inspiration from talented figures, children learn to solve problems and enhance their soft skills. Each book focuses on a specific skill, allowing for extensive exploration and laying the foundation for personal and mental health growth.


Lev Mikulitski invites parents and children alike to join this extraordinary adventure through the enchanting tales of Mr. Who. Grab your copy of Mr. Who’s Remarkable Expeditions today.


About the Author

Lev Mikulitski is a dedicated father who has successfully pursued a career as an accomplished author and tech entrepreneur. He has a strong passion for personal growth and innovation and excels in strategic planning and growth. Lev holds a B.Sc. in Management, an M.B.A. in Marketing, and international diplomas from prestigious institutions such as Harvard and London Business School. Currently, Lev is working on a project called Mr. Who, which is aimed at helping children develop their soft skills, critical thinking, and creativity through short stories featuring John, the protagonist.


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