Insights on securing your products with custom hologram labels



Holographic labels are labels that contain information regarding a product or the brand it is imprinted on.

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Customized hologram labels are a modern convenient method of authentication that secures the identity of a brand from threats like theft, perjury, or tampering. They can be modified according to each individual brand which is difficult to replicate and hence adds an extra layer of assurance.

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Holographic labels are labels that contain information regarding a product or the brand it is imprinted on. These labels use a holographic film which is usually applied over ID cards, laminations, packages, and even attention-grabbing marketing posters. The holographic effect of these labels adds a separate layer of authenticity to any type of packaging.

Why use holographic labels?

Let’s take for instance how a product’s packaging needs to be both presentable and neat so that certain essential information can be printed on a sticker which is then stuck onto the package. These days we have the constant need of conveying a vast array of information which means there may not be enough space on one sticker to fit all that information. With hologram stickers, this process is simplified as all that information regarding the package and its contents can be scanned from a barcode printed on that sticker. It saves up both time and money while making the procedure of marking packages ten times more convenient.

Benefits of using custom hologram labels

  1. Anti-Tamper Security: Hologram Labels come in various designs that function in their own separate ways but one of the critical benefits of using such labels is that provide security against anti-tampering.
  2. Brand Protection: Products from recognized brands are often subject to perjury which is prevented through the use of hologram labels that fulfill the same purpose as an official seal.
  3. Promotion: Holographic stickers are quite easily noticeable. The reflective film catches the eye easily. Hologram stickers can be modified or stylized according to the brand’s identity.
  4. Authentication: Holograms are hard to replicate and so they serve as a secure method of authentication of crucial information like ID cards, credit cards, coupons, and warranty cards.

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