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As a pregnant woman, what would you say is one of the biggest challenges that you are faced with?

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As a pregnant woman, what would you say is one of the biggest challenges that you are faced with? Is it the fact that you suddenly cannot fit into any of your clothes, you struggle to walk upstairs, or the constant mood swings and morning sickness? While all of these are definitely things that some of us pregnant women struggle with, another big challenge found by pregnant women is the fact that we are unable to find maternity and breastfeeding clothing that is flattering, comfortable, practical and that lasts more than only a few months. This is where Lonzi & Bean come in! The company decided to create a range of maternity clothing that they wished they could have had when they were pregnant and breastfeeding their babies.

The company was started by two best friends, namely Claire (Bean) and Ilona (Lonzi). With Ilona (a former advertising art director) in London handling the marketing, branding, advertising, and design, and Claire (a former project manager and exhibition organiser) in JHB overseeing manufacturing and sales, as well as running the day-to-day tasks, the two have made quite the dynamic duo. In fact, they have formed quite the formidable team – with some of the most vital business decisions taking place over WhatsApp at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Due to the fact that the brand was started by mothers – and is specifically for mothers – it means that customers will always be receiving the best quality customer service because the brand is owner run and managed. Most of the garments are designed specifically for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and general wear after birthing a baby – meaning that you will get much better value for your money, and moms will not have to waste money buying clothing that they will only wear for a few months.

If you are wanting to find out more about the company, browse through their extensive range of pregnancy and breastfeeding clothes, or if you would like to get in contact with someone to ask a few further questions, then do not hesitate to visit their official website at:

About Lonzi & Bean:

After two best friends realised that they could not find affordable, quality maternity clothing, they decided to form the brand Lonzi & Bean. They supply maternity and breastfeeding clothes that are flattering, as well as comfortable, where the clothing will not cling to your skin. Their products are locally manufactured in South Africa.