Get Geofencing: Reach Targeted Audience with The Best Geofencing Marketing Company in Virginia



Get Geofencing is one of the few geofencing marketing companies in Virginia that focuses on addressable geofencing advertising.

Press Release

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California, 02.08.2022-


Businesses all over the world are focusing on target marketing for better audience reach. Get Geofencing is one of the few companies that is recognized for its remarkable addressable geofencing marketing campaigns.

The company uses demographic overlays, audience behavioral patterns, etc. to target specific households and businesses. Forune500 Enterprise, Blue Chip companies are some of their most valued clients.

Thanks to its dedicated services, the company owes its success to the innovative marketing solutions it offers to domestic and local clients. According to one of their clients, Eric says, “The results we achieved were impressive by all standards. Using a targeted audience really does make a huge difference in response rates. Chris was great to work with. Always picked up the phone and consistently updated us with reporting. These guys are legit and I highly recommend them.”

The company is now regarded as the most reliable geofencing marketing company in Virginia. They offer addressable television ad campaigns, direct mail campaigns, display ads, and notifications among other marketing efforts to reach targeted audiences.

Addressable geofencing in Virginia can yield:

  • Improved foot traffic with conversion zones.
  • A multi-channel approach to reach audiences through an array of devices and platforms.
  • An opportunity to completely personalize your advertising campaigns based on your consumer traits.
  • A massive reach of up to 1 million physical addresses.

About the Company

Get Geofencing is a brand that specializes in location-based geofencing marketing solutions. They cater to a wide range of businesses with multiple geofencing strategies. The company relies onits expertise and team of professionals to fulfill client requirements. Reach out to Get Geofencing today for the best marketing solutions.

Address: 652 Mateo Street, Ste 306 Los Angeles, CA 90021
Contact: 866-951-0330
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