GS Machinery Introducing GS-1L-II Double Station Blow Molding Machine



GS Machinery is one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of a wide range of Blow Molding Machines, now introducing GS-1L-II double station blow molding machines.

Press Release

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Established in 2009, GS Machinery is one of the leading Blow Molding Machine Manufacturers and Exporters of a wide range of Blow Moulding Machines, Bottle Making machines, HDPE blow molding machines, injection machines, and much more.

GS Machinery designed and Manufacturered Double Station Blow Molding Machine (GS-1L-II). GS-1L-II is suitable for making high-quality plastic products from 10ml to 1L. That includes petroleum tanks, cosmetic bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, plastic toys, and auto parts.

The machine has four die heads, enabling it to produce 2200+ products in one hour.

GS-1L-II Double Station Blow Molding Machine features

1. Economical equipment, the cost is not high, suitable for investment not much and initial industry customers.
2. Dual protection of unique locking frame: first, the guide rail has the valve value electronic components, and second, the mechanical limit block is provided at the end of the guide rail to prevent the lock arm from falling off.
3. Inside the fine machining die, the flow path is free of dead Angle, and professional analysis software is used to measure the smoothness of the runner’s runner, ensuring the smooth and refined flow of the two walls.
4. Optimize hydraulic oil circuit design, save electricity, quick action, and convenient parameter adjustment.
5. Variable frequency speed adjustable extrusion motor can adapt to the change of screw rotation speed of blow molding process.
6. According to the product characteristics, different mold heads are set up for customer selection.
7. The oil cylinder structure of the back plate and the locking force are strong and even.

The company Manufacturered a range of Blow Molding Machines that can be availed in various sizes, ranging from 25 ml to 20 liters. They also offer clients a range of Die and Heaters, which can be customized per the client’s specifications. The company is involved in providing clients with spare parts for Blow Molding Machine and Heater. The team of experts can offer superior repair services for old machines.

Their range includes Single and Double Station Blow Molding Machines and 5-gallon PC Blow Molding Machines. Their range of machines is recognized for quality, durability, efficiency, and functionality. Their range of blow molding machines is appreciated in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Europe. Visit their website for more information –

Company Info

Company Name: Zhangjiagang Great Supreme Industry Limited

Address: 237# Shangcheng, Miaoqiao, Zhangjiagang China, 215616

Contact Phone: +86 13405610156

Contact Email: [email protected]