Get Geofencing Ranked Amongst the Top Digital Marketing Agencies in LA



Get Geofencing has been voted one of the top digital marketing agencies in LA by, strengthening its credibility in the industry.

Press Release

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California, USA, 5th September, 2022.

Geo fencing specialists, Get Geofencing has received the accolade of Top Digital Marketing Agency in LA from Owing to the years of dedicated service to businesses across California, Get Geofencing has successfully made its place amongst the industry leaders. This vote of confidence from strengthens the digital marketing agency’s credibility as a trusted service provider. holds a stellar reputation for evaluating businesses based on their qualifications, experience, customer service, engagement, etc. While grading Get Geofencing, they awarded the agency an A in the ‘Reputation’ category, assessing its history of satisfied clients and exceptional recommendations. Get Geofencing got an A+ for ‘Professionalism’ for demonstrating utmost dedication and consistency in providing clients with high-quality and immaculate service.

We started with a vision to utilize geo fencing techniques and help business owners accomplish their marketing objectives, scale uninterrupted growth, and multiply their advertising ROI. Through years of committed service, we have earned the trust of our clients. We will continue to strive to live up to that reliance, offering high-quality and result-driven digital marketing solutions”, commented Christopher Seminatore, Managing Partner, Get Geofencing.

Get Geofencing is working on 336+ geofencing ad campaigns, yielding 2509 clicks, and tracking 1941 physical visits for its clients. The agency has plans to expand its operations, bringing notable changes to its service portfolio shortly.

About the Company

Get Geofencing is a digital marketing agency based out of Los Angeles. It offers cutting-edge marketing and advertising solutions to businesses across California. The services revolve around geofencing technology, where the company employs tailored strategies for businesses so they can enjoy a significant ROI against their marketing budget. Refer to the details below to contact the experts at Get Geofencing.



Address: 652 Mateo Street, Ste 306 Los Angeles, CA 90021

Contact: 866-951-0330

Email: [email protected]