Employee Experience – The Key to Business Success



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Employees are the driving force behind any business. However, in recent years the employee experience has been impacted more than ever before due to pandemics.

Employee Experience is the viewpoint of an employee for an organization at every touchpoint, starting from the day they join the organization to their retirement.

An excellent employee experience drives financial results through attracting, recruiting, developing, and retaining the top talent in your organization. Also, it improves the productivity of your employees and reduces unwanted and costly attrition.

To make your employee experience excellent, you need to fulfill some criteria. There are many parameters to consider where employee engagement stands out, including employee wellbeing, work culture, and work-life balance.


Why does Employee Engagement Matter?

Usually, the most engaged employees in an organization are the happiest. In addition, happy employees are more productive and deliver quality work. Therefore, they are the key contributors to an organization’s profitability.


It is for this reason that more and more organizations invest in employee engagement and workplace culture. It can make or break a company.


Impact of positive employee experience

Research shows that companies that focus more on employee experience achieve twice as much customer satisfaction as those that don’t. On top of that, they make 25% more profit.

The Gallup study analyzed the performance differences between engaged and actively disengaged businesses. It is found that those in the top quartile of employee engagement outperformed those in the bottom quartile on crucial performance outcomes including:

  • 41% lower absenteeism
  • 10% higher customer ratings
  • 17% higher productivity
  • 20% higher sales
  • 21% higher profitability

There is a saying, “To win the marketplace, you first need to win the workplace”.

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