Benefits of Deck Rail’s Wedge Lock 3000 railing system


Summary provides the factory manufactured railing systems for the decks and stairs. It can be easily install the railings in the decks without any complication. Its railing systems can be easily installed with simple hand tools.

Press Release

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Deck rail is the only company that offers a wedge lock 3000 railing system. The wedge lock 3000 system is designed for people who need a quality railing. Deck cable rail is the best choice for people who want to purchase cable railing. Comparison of traditional Denver cable railing & modern deck rails will give a clear idea to the people who start as a fresher. Cable rail usually presents as invisible & seek. Wedge lock 3000 systems advantages are floating corners, no visible fasteners, few & small posts. Like cable rail, the installation method of deck rail is easy & it needs less maintenance. There is no need to re tightened or replace the railing in the Deck railing system. Deck rail is a best alternative way to traditional Denver cable railing system.

The advantages of wedge lock 3000 system:

  • Better stair transitions,
  • Strong posts,
  • Quality horizontals,
  • Unbowed end post.

About wedge lock 3000 system:

Deck rail not only offers rail of the guard with glass to the clients & also offers hand rail if they want it. The most important thing about the Deck rail system that there is no need for onsite welding. Only small hand tools are needed to fit the railing. In the Deck railing system, people can do railing with the help of small tools by themselves or with help of Carpenter. Deck rail is best alternate way to traditional Denver cable rail systems.

About Deck rail company:

The environmental advantages of Deck rail is more when comparing to other railing manufacturers. The company railing posts are strong which are made of Aluminum & also the company uses recycled content of 25% in aluminum for the railing process. Environmental has less impacted by the Deck railing shipping process because the company uses aluminum which is lighter than steel. Deck products are 100% recyclable. The lifespan of the Deck rail products is too long. Deck rail imports stainless rods and other materials from the Specialty Steel Industry of North America Association (SSINA).SSINA manufactures standard stainless things which have a range of recycled content 75%-80%. The material things like nuts bolts are 100 % made from American companies. And other extra materials are recycled locally. For more details kindly visit


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