Master Apps Lab Has Fixed The Bug In Its Export Contacts For WhatsApp App & Solved Android 11 Issue



Export Contacts For WhatsApp Application is recently updated by Master Apps Lab to improve its performance and fixed the bugs. Also, introduced other features in its application.

Press Release

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Master Apps Lab has introduced a new update in its application “Export Contacts For WhatsApp”. The company has fixed the bug in its app & resolve the Android 11 issue for its users

Export Contacts For WhatsApp is no. 1 SMS Marketing Tool and Software for WhatsApp Contacts Filtration. Recently, users are struggling with the app. The new update fixed all the problems.

This app is a boon for marketers. It filters out all the contacts who are using WhatsApp from any number of the bulk lists & export all the WhatsApp contacts. It is designed in a way that helps businesses with Bulk SMS Advertising and promotion on WhatsApp. 

Many marketers use this app because they find SMS marketing in form of text messaging is not as effective as in form of WhatsApp messaging. Also, WhatsApp messaging gives them a better Return On Investment(ROI) than text messaging. They can save 50% on their marketing cost or increase their ROI by 50%  using this app.

Businesses are moving to platforms where they can easily connect with their customers. Because of that, marketing via WhatsApp has become popular among them. There are around 1 billion active users on WhatsApp every day. These are the reasons, businesses are using this app. It quickly separates all the active WhatsApp contacts into a single file. 

Commenting on the new update, the CEO of the company said that, “This new update will help the businesses and marketers to reach their customers who use WhatsApp. Other than the exporting contacts, this app will assist them to chat with their customer without saving their number & send bulk messages on WhatsApp. We are confident that this app will add value to our user’s businesses”.   

For reaching your customer easily and quickly, download Export Contacts For WhatsApp now.