Youth Mental Health First Aid Training At KISD



The release discusses about Youth Mental Health First Aid Training at Killeen Independent School district. It further highlights some positive endeavors of the school district.

Press Release

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Killeen, TX/ 2019: A major issue that parents and teachers require knowledge about is how to effectively tackle mental illness and substance use disorders. Killeen Independent School District is offering an opportunity for its employees to gain more knowledge in this field via its Youth Mental Health First Aid Training.

The school district consists of special campuses, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. It strives to provide quality educational opportunities to help its students attain their maximum potential.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

  • The training program is open to the entire staff of KISD.
  • A 3-year certification and Youth Mental Health First Aid Manual will be provided to participants on the completion of 2 half-day sessions (taken consecutively) or a full-day session.
  • Breaks will be offered during the session and there will be a lunch-break during full-day sessions. However lunch and snacks will not be provided.
  • The upcoming training session is on December 7th, 2019, Saturday from 8.30 am – 4:00 pm at JPLC Conference Room A.

Positive Endeavors Of The School District

  • Exceptional opportunities for students in middle school and high school throughout the district in the form of Special Education workshops, Early College High School, STEM Academy, Advanced Placement Courses, STREAM Camp, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), International Baccalaureate programs, etc.
  • Positive daily interactions with students to foster meaningful relationships with them.
  • Partnership and collaboration with parents and the community for the welfare of students.
  • Learning and Parent Resources such as Clever, Discovery Education, Home Access, Atomic Learning Library Online, Student Handbook, Bully Reporter, Computer Skills for Parents, District Calendar and more.

For more information on the school district, feel free to visit KISD Central Office at 200 N. WS Young Dr. Killeen, TX – 76543 or call at (254) 336 – 0000. You can also log on to