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    The following press release will give a brief overview about a full-service photography studio – Doug Holt Studios that specializes in still life, impactful fashion and product photography.

    Press Release

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    For years, the Internet is being used to promote any business. Online marketers use different types of methods for marketing products. One of the most popular techniques is product photography. By doing so, you can showcase the products of your company in an efficient manner. If we talk about photography, it is a skill that can add credibility to your company site. While doing this, you should pay attention to many factors such as lighting, equipment, background, types of products and also, budget. We, Doug Holt Studios, are a renowned full-service photography studio that is located at the heart of New York.

    Our professional photographer – Doug Halt has vast experience to produce product photography, still life and impactful fashion in a creative and professional environment. Being a reputed studio, we do thoughtful and efficient focus on company products and brands. The best part is that we have done a partnership with everyone stylists, agencies, set designers and even, hair and makeup artists. Some of the top clients are Tocca, Laura Geller, Amy Conway, Joy Greyson, Noon by Noor, Isharya, Hammitt, Boots, Glamour, a name few.
    Being a commercial photographer, we specialize to click commercial photo shoots for social media, e-commerce, product, and fashion. What’s more, our charges are very lower as compared to other photographers. If you want to promote your company products in an efficient manner, then you can hire us for photography. We know very well how to click the perfect photos. To check our work quality, just visit our portfolio page anytime. Our portfolio is divided into different categories – fashion, interiors, jewelry, product and fashion accessory. By visiting our portfolio, you will get an idea about our work quality and make your decision. No matter, whatever your industry is, you can hire our company to capture the beautiful images of your products.
    Our photographers have the expertise to work at different locations as well as areas. Also, we know how to take photos for social media to increase user engagement. So, what are you waiting for? Just approach us now by mail or via phone & share your requirements with us!
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