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    If you’re thinking of installing a custom fireplace, Lancal Engineering is the manufacturer for you.

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    If you’re thinking of installing a custom fireplace, Lancal Engineering is the manufacturer for you. Not only do they produce their own unique hand-built fireplaces and braais, but they also specialise in the manufacturing of custom units. While their products are centred around fireplaces and braais, they also provide construction companies with steel work. Their main products are, namely, braai units, built-in fireplaces, free-standing fireplaces and custom units.

    Braai Units:

    The company offers four different braai unit styles, namely: built-in, free-standing, basic or super deluxe. The built-in and free-standing braai units will be discussed below. The Basic braai unit includes the braai box, tray, door, gather and a stainless steel grid with lifters. The Super Deluxe unit is exactly the same as the Basic braai unit, the only difference is that the Super Deluxe unit comes with an ember maker and potjie stand.

    Built-In Fireplaces:

    Lancal Engineering install built-in fireplaces in unique manner meaning if the unit requires refurbishment, the brick work around the unit need not be broken. Unlike other types of built-in braais, all you would have to do is remove the bolts holding the gather in place and the unit will slide out easily. The gap between the built-in braai unit and the opening wall is covered by a decorative edging.

    Free-Standing Fireplaces:

    The free-standing fireplaces are mounted onto fireproof pedestals that can double as a storage space for your wood. Unlike the built-in fireplace, this unit has no gaps, so there is no need for any decorative edging. The unit is also easy to move, as it is free-standing, so the gather is permanently attached on the braai. Lancal Engineering offer a wide variety of free-standing fireplace designs, some of which including hex, cylindrical, oblique, flat back conical, etc.

    Custom Units:

    One of the company’s biggest competitive advantages is the fact that they are able to manufacture custom units according to your needs, whether you are looking for a unit larger or smaller than the standard size. They can even manufacture combo braai and gas griller units.

    For more information on the products Lancal Engineering have to offer, or to get a quote for your customised fireplace, visit their website at

    About the company:
    Lancal Engineering is a family-run business that was established in 1989. Since then, the company has provided customers with unique hand-built fireplaces and braais, as well as provided several construction companies with their steel work requirements. Lancal Engineering believe that if you want something different that truly works, they will do it for you.

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