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Shanghai Jun Ying Instruments is an industrial instrumentation manufacturer and OEM products supplier, who located in Shanghai, China.

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Instruments are the essential part while running an industry: these control variable temperatures, pressure levels and many other vital parameters. The workers in the industries use various sensors, which help measure physical quantities and convert them into readable signals. There are a lot of items used in industries. Let us discuss a few of them.

Pressure Snubbers

  • This instrument finds its use in conditions where pressure spikes and pulsation is a significant concern. In various pressure gauges and air valves, Pressure Snubber helps reduce pressure fluctuations.
  • It also controls the flow of fluid flowing to various cylinders. Depending on the size and material used, the pressure ratings of snubber varies from 1,000-20,000 PSI.
  • There are various types of pressure snubbers. For example, filter or porous disc type helps the consistent force distribution through a metal connected with the disc. Another one is piston type snubber, which works during the rapid increase in pressure.

Sanitary pressure gauges

  • Provided with a diaphragm seal combined with a pressure gauge, Sanitary gauge finds its great use.
  • These are useful in sanitary requirements for food, dairy, pharmaceutical and even biotech applications. These also find their use in measuring pressure in many vicious and corrosive pressure mediums.
  • For strong fluctuations in pressure and non-corrosive fluids, these are applicable.

V-Line Thermometer

  • This kind of thermometer helps measure the temperature index of various equipment in ships. Thus, it is crucial for ships sailing in the sea.
  • These thermometers have great accuracy and professionalism. V-Line Thermometer is also durable for a high vibration environment.
  • The internal materials include mercury or organic solutions based on the use. However, mercury is much more helpful than any organic liquid.

Remote Reading thermometers

  • These thermometers help measure temperatures of fluids, corrosive and non-corrosive, in all types of industries.
  • It is operative in aggressive and non-aggressive environmental conditions.
  • The Remote Reading thermometer helps provide reliable and accurate readings when necessary for remote temperature measurement.

Low-Pressure Gauges

  • These gauges help measure various non-corrosive mediums like air, water and natural gas. Low Pressure Gauge measures liquid and gaseous pressures, provided these don’t obstruct the functioning of the gauge.
  • Many construction processes in various plants, the pneumatic systems, and cleaning rooms require low-pressure gauges.

To sum it up

There are many things that the instruments help measure in industries, which is hard for humans to measure, and it is hard to find quality instruments. Therefore, Jun Ying Instruments is one of the most recognized places where anyone can get the best quality industrial instruments.