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Press Release

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No matter what place you travel across the world, there is no peace like that found at home. Home is made of family, priceless memories, valuable possessions, and a lifetime’s investment. However, every aspect of our life is associated with risk, just like your home. Your home is vulnerable to theft and damage. This calls for an add-on expense that is preventable, yet inevitable. To lower your burden of hefty expenses involved in the risks, Sheerquote came up with a webinar that helped the audience understand how important having home insurance is.

On Sunday, 28th September 2022, the team at Sheerquote hosted a webinar for over 350 people on the online platform, Zoom. Intending to help the audience understand home insurance better, they invited Mr. Elijah Bran, a renowned insurance advisor as the host for the session. He addressed every aspect of home insurance, the coverage it offers, and how home insurance provides you financial aid in your time of need. He also illustrated real-life cases of his clients who benefitted tremendously because of their wise decision of purchasing home insurance. This informative session built curiosity in the minds of the audience leading to an engaging doubt-solving session where the host and members of Sheerquote’s teams solved the doubts to the audience’s satisfaction.

This meeting was concluded by the home insurance manager at Sheerquote, Ms. Mindy Davis, who talked about the different types of home insurance available in the market depending on their features, coverage, and price. She made people aware of Sheerquote’s services that help them find the most suitable plan for them by comparing quotes online. An engaging afternoon, followed by informative questions and answers prompted many people to consider purchasing home insurance. This shall secure them with financial assistance and indemnify their expenses.