The Bhitarkanika Tour Package of OD Travels Is the Ideal Way to Explore and Enjoy the Mini Amazon of India



If you desire to explore the diverse wildlife in Bhitarkanika and at the same time have comfortable accommodation, taste delicious food, and have a safe journey, it is wise to be with OD Travels and buy their Orissa wildlife tour packages.

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Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park are known as Mini Amazon of India. Dangamal Nature Camp, Habalikhati and Gupti Nature Camps are inside the sanctuary. So when you are with OD Travels and have brought their Bhitarkanika tour packageyou can enjoy all that while having a comfortable stay at luxurious accommodations.

They arrange the best tours and make it possible to have a close encounter with the largest congregation of Salt Water Crocodiles in the creeks of Bhitarkanika. You can also spot Crocodiles, Spotted Deer, Wild pigs and thousands of colourful birds. If you wish to enjoy all these purchase their Orissa wildlife tour packages.  

One of the spokespersons of OD Travels said, “We arrange for luxurious stay at Dangamal Nature Camp. We take proper care so that our guests can have best of accommodation and enjoy benefit of modern amenities. We also make possible to enjoy luxurious stay at any of the nine, sea facing comfortable rooms in Habalikhati Nature Camp.”

They also make it possible to hire boats from Gupti and have a 2.30 hrs boat ride along the creeks. In addition, the journey will make it possible to explore varied wildlife.

If you look at the activities possible during the tour with OD Travels, you will notice that it contains boating, bird watching, sports, trekking, watching Dolphins, star gazing, and watching varied wildlife.

They also arrange to be at nearby spots, likely to attract your attraction. Like you can be at Batighar, it is the first lighthouse installed on the Eastern Indian coast. You can get there by road or by boat from Jumboo. The journey will be through the mangrove forest. You can be at Hukitola; it is 160 years old functional lighthouse. It is also the place where horseshoe crabs breed. You can be at the ruins of a majestic building of the British era. Kalibhanjadiha island is another place they will take you to on tour to Bhitarkanika. It is in the group of 7 sister-island on river Dharma. You can also be at Gahirmatha with them.

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OD Travels is the ideal tour operator for tours within Odisha and India. They organize tours keeping in mind their guests’ safety and comfort and make it possible for them to have a memorable vacation. They started their journey in 2018; from then, they have organized tours appreciated by many. They have a long list of satisfied customers, reflecting their reputation. Call them at 9583-620-350 to know more about their wildlife tour in Odisha.