WeBerber Stocks Some Of The Best Collection Of Berber Jewelries In Morocco



    WeBerber, a Morocco based company that is committed to offer some of the best collection of Berber jewelries online.

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    Family customs & traditions implanted in Berber jewelry is what make these family emblems so unique. Men in Berber families generally will purchase a piece of jewelry for a woman in the family like a mother, sister or wife. When you glance at a piece of Berber jewelry you will see that it was made to classify Berber tribes or certain areas of Morocco. You’ll even see the evil eye on some of this jewelry, as different pieces have their own spiritual meaning.

    With certain shapes & materials, Berber Jewelry is considered as a way to safeguard yourself from the evil eye, bring wealth and make sure fertility. The Hamsa or “hand of Fatima” and the Fibula are the most recognized symbols used in Berber Jewelry & both of them have emblematic meanings. In fact, the main belief of “hamsa” is that the wearer will be safeguarded from the evil eye & bad luck, whereas the fibula is an emblem of Berber women’s shape & fertility. Berber jewelry has a social meaning as well. In fact, Berber women wear them as an expression of social codes. Through its forms & designs, Berber jewelry is a way to distinguish tribes and regions of Morocco.

    “We stock a wide range of traditional Berber jewelry designs that are considerably easy to shop & that mix beautifully with all modern clothing styles. Made with precious stones like coral and amber, our Berber necklaces are ideal for women who like rustic, stand-out pieces and wish to add a pop of color to their jewelry collection. We also see Berber silver bracelets that can be worn single or layered in sets to accomplish a great thickness in the wrists. They look astounding when combined with modern outfits, bringing an interesting rustic & tribal touch. Our goal is to bring you only the best when it comes to Berber jewelry in Morocco” said a spokesperson of WeBerber.

    About the company:

    WeBerber is a Morocco based company that values the creativity and work of Berber women and is committed to deliver the best in terms of high-quality Berber rugs and Jewelry online.