United States Dairy Market Will Be 52 Billion Pound by 2026



According to Renub Research analysis, United States Dairy Market is forecasted to be more than 52 Billion Pound by the end of year 2026.

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Cows supply the great bulk of milk and nearly all of the milk produced in the United States. Cows mainly bred for milk for human consumption are kept and milked on dairy farms throughout the United States and account for about 1/10th of all cattle raised. Milk production per cow had increased steadily after World War II, noteworthy since the 1960s when advanced production technologies began to be used by dairy: runners. Milk is produced in a relatively uniform seasonal pattern in the United States. According to Renub Research, the United States Dairy Market is expected to reach 52 Billion Pound by the end of 2026.

The milk is turned out in almost all the 50 states of the US, western, and northern states hold considerable market share. In the United States, the dairy ranch is a family-managed business, and they are a member of producer co-operative society. The per capita use of fluid milk is declining in the United States because people choose a non-dairy by-product like soya milk, almond milk, and other organic products. The many dairy products like flavoured milk, cottage cheese, low-fat ice-cream and fresh yoghurt are popularised, and it will pick up during the anticipated years.

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Oversupply is one of the United States dairy market’s most prominent issues because it creates price variation and margin summons. The United States dairy is unable to identify the exact demand for domestic consumption and export supply. Besides, many dairy farms in the United States have closed since the last couple of years due to low profitability and government regulation.

The expending of whole milk has somewhat declined; contrarily, flavoured whole milk is rising due to fondness among children and adults during the exercise. The new frozen yoghurt retail sales are on the rise. Chocolate or other flavoured milk is tasty protein food for kids. In this report, the market is categorized into fluid milk and soft dairy product, including ice-cream, yoghurt, cheese, sour cream, etc.

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