RoofSmart Gets Roof Walkway Pads For Building Owner



RoofSmart gets roof walkway pads to help building owner prevent roof tiles damage due to foot traffic from maintenance workers.

Press Release

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Throughout every season, there are lots of maintenance that needs to be carried out for a roof to be completely effective. Whether it’s a building maintenance inspection of rooftop fans, generators, as well as other equipment, it’s a job somebody needs to physically do throughout both the cooling and heating times.

For this reason, continuous checking, one of the prime reasons for damage to roofs tiles is foot traffic from maintenance workers with equipment and tools. Even the smallest puncture to the roof can result in a massive leak the results in excessive damage to the inside of the building. The ultimate way to reduce damage is by limiting foot traffic and by using roof walkway pads on the areas of a roof before any equipment that must be accessed.

Practically roof walkway pads help protect your roof tiles to make them last a long time to come, they also function as a safety system for the maintenance workers who walk on them. Roof walkway pads help to prevent accidents from slipping and falling.

RoofSmart provides roof walkway pads that offer a safe and cost-effective approach to protecting roof tiles from damage due to roof foot traffic. Their walkway pads are made to help cushion the effect of repetitive foot traffic by safeguarding the underlying roof tiles from damaging incidents (i.e. tool drops).

To learn more about the cost-effective and safety benefits of RoofSmart walkway pads visit their website