The Importance of Luxury Retirement Homes for Nris Who Return To Their Country Post-Retirement



NRIs returning to India after spending several years in foreign lands prefer the luxury old age homes in Kerala to enjoy all the good things that life offers.

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Kerala has remained at the top of the national list for its elderly population for quite a long time. Statista reported a 16.5% share of the state population of Kerala belonging to the elderly community for the last year. Another factor, called the Old age dependency ratio, is obtained by dividing the population aged 65 plus by the population aged 16 to 64. This ratio for Kerala was 26.1% in 2021 and is all set to touch a whopping 34.1% in 2031 if projections become real.

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Most NRIs are looking back home as their preferred destination for settling post-retirement. Many of them have their elderly parents in the expert hands of professionals working with some luxury old age homes in Kerala. The state-of-the-art, inmate-specific, geriatric care given to the residents at such places has helped some of them earn a global reputation. The Travancore Foundation and its senior living facilities are examples of such surreal abodes for the elderly.

Why India and Kerala is so important for NRI retirees?

Old age homes in Kerala have served as the refuge for thousands of senior citizens who happened to be parents to the ex-pats distributed globally. These facilities have widely varying profiles. However, the clear advantages enjoyed by the luxuriant ones are as follow:

  1. Most NRIs are affluent enough to afford the cost of senior care offered at such premium dwelling facilities, either for their parents or themselves post-retirement.
  2. NRIs remain mentally prepared to leave their next generation abroad for their own career goals while settling back in the land they grew up in. Their roots are here in India.
  3. NRIs leave their friends and family behind for prosperity abroad. Post-retirement, it’s their time to pay back and come back to the mother country that had fostered their growth and flight to the golden shores.
  4. Places like Kerala in India have long adapted to the science and art of senior living and care owing to their burgeoning population of seniors. Serene Old age homes in Kerala are well endowed not only with scenic locales but also with modern amenities providing 24×7 geriatric care by standing and assistance, be it physical, psychological or medical.
  5. These places boast ergonomically designed living spaces tailor-made for the elderly. All the daily chores of a senior are taken care of – from running errands to timely taking medicines. Residents are encouraged to foster mental agility through scientific techniques, leisurely entertainment and outings. They also enjoy resident-specific, dietician-designed meals.


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