Cyber Security in Killeen



This release highlights the range of Cyber Security services provided by Centex Technologies, Killeen. It further outlines cyber security tips to protect your business.

Press Release

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Killeen, TX/2022: Cyber security is a combination of several technologies, practices, techniques, and processes for protecting & defending mobile devices, data, electronic systems, programs, computers, software, servers, networks, and data from potential cyber-attacks & unauthorized access.

 Centex Technologies

Centex Technologies is a cyber-security firm in Killeen, TX which also provides IT support, network solutions, and IT infrastructure management services. The team employs different strategies and solutions to provide multidimensional protection against cyber threats. Centex Technologies provides expertize in connectivity, mobility and security.

 A Few Important Tips For Cyber Security in Killeen

  • Establish company’s cyber security policies.
  • Create a strong backup of all the data & files.
  • Password strength & multi-factor authentication.
  • Firewall security.
  • Creating Mechanisms For IT Security
  • Encryption on all devices, Wi-Fi networks, drives & emails.
  • Secure against physical theft.
  • Invest in reliable security software.
  • Separate user accounts.
  • Employ trusted & experienced IT staff.
  • Conduct cyber audits.
  • Creating an Assurance Framework
  • Keep all your software fully updated.
  • Keep a check on personal devices.
  • Employ multiple layers of protection.

Why Choose Centex Technologies?

The team has years of standing experience and expertise in providing cybersecurity solutions to businesses in Killeen, TX. The cyber security strategies are tailored to suit individual client requirements after a thorough analysis of current cyber security solutions deployed by the client and impending threats. The company keeps abreast with the latest techniques and makes it a point to employ a multifaceted strategy for protecting clients from ever-evolving cyber threats.

To avail cyber security services, visit Centex Technologies at 501 N. 4th Street, Killeen, TX – 76541. You can call at (254) 213 – 4740 or check their website