Spotless Rolls Out Intuitive Android and iOS Laundry App



    Spotless, a leading U.S based on-demand and subscription-based laundry and dry cleaning service provider, announces the release of its flagship Android and iOS app.

    Press Release

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    Due to our busy schedules, it is important for households, schools, businesses, and other consumers to outsource their laundry to allow enough time to spend doing more useful activities. Unfortunately, prior to the creation of Spotless, the primary challenge for consumers was the lack of availability of services that suits their needs. The Spotless App provides the solution to every need.

    What makes the app unique is that the customer’s experience and interactions were greatly factored during the design and development of the Spotless App. Making it the number one laundry app choice by American and Canadian consumers. 

    The Spotless App gives users the ability to schedule the pickup of their laundry and drycleaning at the comfort of their homes. Users also have the option of scheduling their preferred drop off time and location. This feature adds significant value to busy professionals. The Spotless app has additional features like GPS tracking, text messaging and status update to ensure the customer is informed at every step during the cleaning process.

    During our interview, we caught up with the CEO of Spotless Technology Corp. Elvis Babila and he had the following comment during the release: 

    “Spotless provides a platform for our clients to outsource their laundry and dry cleaning while remaining engaged through the interactive features on the app. During our development and design, we took into consideration the customer experience. In addition, our service is second to none in the industry.”

    The first generation of the Spotless app is available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store. Users are encouraged to sign up to the platform and begin ordering at a 10% discount.