Southern Stairlifts Elevates The Customer Experience with New and Expanded Services



Leading Stairlift Provider Introduces Comprehensive Solutions to Enhance Mobility and Independence

Press Release

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GREENVILLE, SC – March 02, 2024 – Southern Stairlifts, a trusted name in the field of stairlift installation, proudly announces the expansion of its service offerings to better cater to the needs of residents in Greenville. This expansion includes comprehensive Stairlift Maintenance, Repair, and Rental services, reinforcing the company’s commitment to providing safety and mobility solutions for their community.


Southern Stairlifts understands the challenges faced by community members with limited mobility and their families. The company’s expanded services now encompass comprehensive solutions. These solutions will ensure that anyone can continue enjoying the comfort and safety of their home.


They work diligently to offer an extended range of services to the residents of Greenville. The company aims to help residents maintain independence and enjoy a safe living environment, regardless of their mobility challenges. Southern Stairlifts focuses on providing personalized and affordable solutions that cater to every living situation.


The company prides itself on customizing each stairlift to suit the specific requirements of its customers, ensuring a perfect fit for height, weight, and capability. At the same time, these mobility solutions should accommodate any stair size and potential obstacles along the way. The company’s commitment to personalized customer service sets them apart.


They don’t just install stairlifts. They provide ongoing chair service, repair, and removal services to ensure every customer has a seamless experience. The expansion of services by Southern Stairlifts comes as a beacon of hope for individuals facing mobility challenges.


The company’s dedication to stocking and installing the top brands of stairlift chairs, including popular brands such as Acorn, Sterling, Brooks, and Ameriglide, reflects its commitment to delivering high-quality products. Southern Stairlifts empowers residents to continue living in their beloved homes, enabling them to maintain their lifestyle without unnecessary limitations.


They want to ensure that everyone can live comfortably and independently. “We bought two straight stairlifts for my father through Southern Stairlift. The product is solid, and they were easy to work with. Nice people and extremely efficient. I would recommend it to anyone looking at in-home mobility solutions,” said Mildred Brooks.


Southern Stairlifts has served the communities of Greenville, Anderson, and Spartanburg for more than two decades. As the premier local provider of stairlift installation services, they ensure quality, safety, and independence for customers in Greenville. This has been their unwavering commitment since the beginning as they strive to build enduring connections along the way.


As the leading stairlift dealer and installation company in Greenville, SC, Southern Stairlifts is committed to providing exceptional customer service and top-notch products to meet unique customer needs. For more information about Southern Stairlifts and their expanded services, please contact them for a free consultation.