Tinker and Bell offers fresh organically produced turmeric powder in the US



Tinker and Bell offers fresh products to commercial kitchen owners in the US planning to buy bulk turmeric powder.

Press Release

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Dallas, Texas, May 2, 2024: Tinker and Bell is one of the most reliable online wholesalers and suppliers of herbs and spices in the US. The company grows and harvests all of its products organically, which ensures that they are free of any pesticides and chemicals. Tinker and Bell produces all their crops in Africa, after which they offer them in the US market. Commercial restaurants and other buyers looking for bulk amounts of spices always rely on Tinker and Bell for the best quality products. The company has made it easier for commercial entities to buy bulk turmeric powder for their business goals.

From the very beginning, Tinker and Bell has strictly followed sustainable methods of producing crops, so that their end users can benefit from them immensely. The company is headed by Benedicta Ofili who has long been focused on making the best African products available for US buyers. The quality, aroma, and flavor of the spices offered by Tinker and Bell has always been top-notch. This has enabled the company to earn rave reviews over the years. Through careful placement of products and effective marketing strategies, Tinker and Bell has grown into one of the leading spice suppliers in the US.

Tinker and Bell regularly works with commercial kitchen owners in the US, managing their organic turmeric powder bulk wholesale orders efficiently. The turmeric powder products offered by Tinker and Bell are always fresh, which means that they ensure maximum health benefits for the consumers. Other than turmeric, the company also offers products like Pequin pepper, hibiscus powder, sesame seeds, and ginger powder. All of their spices and herbs undergo stringent quality checks, which ensures adherence to industry standards. The products are also priced competitively. Therefore, business owners can save a lot from buying these spices from Tinker and Bell in bulk quantities.


About Tinker and Bell Trading Ltd.: Tinker and Bell Trading Ltd. is the leading supplier of organically produced turmeric powder for the US market.

To know more about Tinker and Bell Trading Ltd., visit www.tinkerandbell.com.


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