Seminar on the importance of having auto insurance arranged by Sheer Quote



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Risk has the trait of being uncertain. When you purchase assets such as vehicles, they come with the risk of damage. This can be due to accidents, fire, or any other cause. The theory also applies to life, which also comes with the risk of uncertainty or minor injury, damage, permanent injury, or even death. The likelihood of danger that impacts our life, calls for the need of someone to back us up with financial support. This provides a sense of security and relief in time of need. Here, insurance offers support in protecting against costs of repair, medication, hospitalization, etc. This applies to yourself and the people you are obliged to pay for. At Sheer Quote, you can find an easy way to compare auto insurance quotes and choose what is best for you.

Team Sheer Quote came together to conduct a seminar in California, the land of the Golden Gate bridge. Bringing together about 500 citizens, the team members explained to the attendees the aspect of auto insurance. Through examples of people who had auto insurance and people who didn’t, the people attending the seminar were able to cite the difference that being backed by auto insurance could make. 

Mrs. Stefanie Beatrice, who has been an insurance agent for over 15 years, was our guest speaker for the evening. She gave a deep explanation of how auto insurance works. Her guidance helped people gain a deeper insight into the functioning and benefits of auto insurance.

Our last speaker for the seminar was the head of Sheer Quotes’ auto insurance segment. She briefed the audience on the key benefits of auto insurance and how it protects you against unexpected costs. The seminar was also graced with the inquisitiveness of the attendees which helped end the session with a rather informative Q&A round.