Royal Yachts Introducing Excellent ‘Sea Dubai’ Packages



    Royal Yachts have designed interest ‘Sea Dubai’ packages for its avid leisure time travellers.

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    Sea Dubai – One Stop Place for Recreational Activities in Dubai

    In a bid to enhance Dubai’s marine tourism opportunities, the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has introduced ‘Sea Dubai’ to develop an exciting platform for entertainment in Dubai seashore for the sea and yachting lovers. The motive of the project is to create leisure time aquatic park to offer a world-class and fun-filled aquatic experience to the visitors to Dubai. 


    Unlimited Recreational Opportunities

    ‘Sea Dubai’ is the area where yachts and vessels anchor after their long sojourns and to give the vessels some breather. It is the major leisure cluster in Dubai offering great marine experience. ‘Sea Dubai’ offers you a sea of leisure activities from yacht chartering services, marine leisure licensing services to water sports activities and marine transportation services.


    You can choose from pleasure boating trips, cruising, fishing, kayaking, paddle boats, pedal boats, parasailing, scuba diving, water skiing, speed boats, jet skiing, stand-ups, fly fish, banana ride and more. The options are countless. You only have to make sure what exactly you wish to indulge and for how long and whether you need training for any of the activities. 


    Excellent Anchoring Facility for Yachting Companies

    ‘Sea Dubai’ has opened a huge opportunity for many yachting companies who seek to anchor their yachts and vessels there for the wide array of recreational activities along with amazing facilities it offers. Many have even started including the activities in their tour programs keeping the diverse interest of their guests in mind. The services offered here are excellent and meet the optimal standards of water sports and leisure activities anywhere in the world. The place is well-equipped to fulfill the fun and entertainment demands of guests from every part of the world. 


    Plan an Awesome Yachting and Leisure Time Package with Royal Yachts

    Royal Yachts is one of the many yacht rental companies that anchor their yachts in ‘Sea Dubai’. With its fleets of locally and internationally built vessels, Royal Yachts wishes to cater its each and every respectable guest with excellent services that include overwhelming leisure time activities in Dubai. The company offers yacht rentals and yachts on sale to its premiere customers from every part of the world. The yacht tour packages include destinations to as far as the Caribbean and the Mediterranean along with the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean and many more. You can choose your package as per your likes and dislikes. Royal Yachts is equipped to design its yachting packages with services and destinations that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of its guests.