Enjoy the Charm of Spectacular Endemic Flowers & Photograph Them with WildFlora Tour



Be a part of a photography tour and explore, enjoy and capture the spectacular beauty of different types of flowers in China with WildFlora Tour.

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Wild Flora Tour

Street- Room 4014, Building NO.2, Yangguang Center,

City- Chengdu P.R.

Country- China

Zipcode- 610021

Phone- 0086-28-85214086

Email- [email protected]


China is one of the wealthiest countries in terms of plant diversity. The total number of plant species in this country is around 30,000 and a good percentage of them are highly endemic in nature. The continuous latitudinal gradient of forest vegetation along with diverse mountain ranges in China makes it extraordinary rich in flora and also the homeland for the highest numbers of threatened species in the world. And this natural diversity has long attracted the attention of avid plant lovers, professional flower photographers, bio-geographers, botanists, and many more.

Founded by a group of plant enthusiasts, WildFlora Tour is a registered company in Chengdu. They share their plant knowledge with you when you choose them as your guide during China flower watching trip. They have spent years, looking for flowers in different places in China. And so, they have unmatched knowledge about local plants and flowers watching places. Moreover, they have bilingual flower watching experts, who will give you detailed knowledge about different flowers and will also help you to pick awesome pictures of the flowers.

Flower watching trips that they offer

Keeping in mind the needs of flower lovers, photographers, and other travelers, WildFlora Tour has designed their flower watching trips in such a way that these tours are full of fun, educational, and filled with opportunities to see natural and cultural wonders. Some of the trips offered by them are:

  • Professional flower safaris – Designed mainly for ardent plant and flower lovers, the main focus of these trips will be placed on the search and enjoyment of different endemic flowers.

  • Flower photo tours – Flower photography is the main attraction of this trip. Lectures are given on how to take great flower photos and the use of cameras.

So, whether you want to be a part of a photography tour or want to know more about wildflower China and custom trip, visit our website at http://www.wildfloratour.com/ and book a tour today!

About WildFlora Tour: WildFlora Tour is one-stop destination for the ones who want to explore different types of flowers in diverse places of China and photograph them in their lens. To get more information about flower trips or to book one for you, visit our website at http://www.wildfloratour.com/.