Property 852 Offers Affordable Rent Apartments in Hong Kong



Property 852 has launched a website that offers apartments of all size and type for rent in Hong Kong.

Press Release

Property 852 has launched a website that offers apartments of all size and type for rent in Hong Kong. The absence of a middleman or broker makes it an ideal website to rent apartments in Hong Kong. Affordability and savings are guaranteed to the renter as well as the owner of the apartment. Both international and Hong Kong properties are listed on the website.

The listed properties can be sorted using filters such as price, location, and size. The website displays pictures of the property, its property details, description, and map location. Property details cover all the information associated with the area of the flat, distance from recreation areas, amenities nearby, and details about furnishings. Details such as distance from sea and sports centers are provided in all possible international properties. The option to directly contact the owner is provided with every property. Using the map locations, the user can identify the property and find out the other amenities near it. They can choose to go ahead with the property only after settling their queries regarding the location.

The option for keyword search with alerts is provided to make the search for your flat easy. The tenancy agreement can be easily downloaded from the website to make things easier. Both renter and seller can avail these benefits. Advertising the property is made super easy. Within two minutes, the property can be advertised. Hong Kong Property news is the other feature that makes very interesting. All the latest news about the prices and stamp duties are available in the news section.

Property 852 has launched the website to make renting a flat an easy affair. High profile as well as low maintenance properties are listed on the website. Every area of Hong Kong has been included to make it a one-stop destination for people looking to rent apartments in Hong-Kong. For more information visit