Barnacle Busters- Proficient Boat bottom cleaning service Providers in Jupiter



The company was started in the year 1979 and has given quality boat bottom services to the boat owners in Jupiter.

Press Release

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Barnacle Busters is one of the top-notch boat bottom service providers in Jupiter. The company has a team of highly experienced boat bottom cleaning professionals. The professionals are very much specialised in solving all types of boat bottom defects in a best way. They are also licensed and certified to do boat bottom cleaning services in Jupiter. The company was started in the year 1979 and has given quality boat bottom services to the boat owners in Jupiter. They also provide 24/7 emergency services for the wellness of the customers at their needed time.

Prestigious Services Offered:

The firm offers valuable services like boat bottom cleaning, underwater yacht maintenance, zinc replacement and underwater propeller repair. The professionals also provide monthly underwater boat bottom cleaning services for regular customers. Their other add on services are hydraulic underwater hull cleaning, underwater recovery of lost articles.

Effective Boat Bottom Cleaning:

Boat bottom cleaning is a daunting process. It cannot be handled effectively by boat owners. Hence, availing professional divers for boat bottom cleaning will be more beneficial. Checking running gears, scrubbing waterline, zinc checks are the services offered under boat bottom cleaning. Whenever you plan for a holiday trip your boat has to be in optimum condition. To maintain good working condition the company experts will inspect the boat completely and fix the problems in it before the journey.

Propspeed Application:

Barnacle Busters is one of the authorised prop speed installers in Jupiter. The professionals will increase running gear speed and reduce fuel consumption by prop speed application. Another advantage of applying prop speed is it forms as the slippery coating for removal of salt in it.

Powerboat underwater service:

Waterline cleaning is done for removing grass and algae in boat bottoms.  Running gear maintenance includes different propeller level cleaning, hulls and transducers maintenance. Hull cleaning is very much needed because it makes clean boat bottoms and enhance boat speeds.

About Barnacle Busters:

Barnacle Busters is one of the certified underwater yacht maintenance companies which has huge experience in the field of boat bottom cleaning. They offer all types of services at an affordable price rates.  For more details about boat bottom cleaning please visit


10456 Riverside Dr.
Palm Beach Gardens,
Florida 33410

Phone: 561-625-4484