Property 852 is a platform which is making it easy to rent directly from the landlord



    Property 852 is a leading property portal site to rent or buy apartments and commercial properties in Hong Kong.

    Press Release

    With sought-after properties in constant demand, the need for a secure platform that connects the tenant with the property owner is crucial. Middlemen and brokers usually mint a lot of money through unnecessary hidden charges added to their base service fee. This is not only unfair to the buyers but also puts them under unprecedented financial burden.

    Property 852 ensures that the consumer and the seller interact in real-time without any intermediate intervention. High-quality images and accurate descriptions of the places are provided so that the tenants know what they are bargaining for. Online payments for bookings are direct, hassle-free and highly convenient. One doesn’t even have to forgo the comfort of their homes to make important transactions.

    In general, the property is leased to the buyer for a period of two years, one of which is fixed and the other, optional. To vacate the premises, a prior notice of two months needs to be provided to the landlord. So, in totality, all leases last for a minimum of 14 months.

    In Hong Kong, there is a highly competitive environment regarding real estate where both, the end-users and the service providers, are in a constant hustle to land favorable deals. The need to bridge the gap between demand and supply is thus imperative.

    About Property 852

    Everyone seeks clarity in business trade-ins. Property 852 ensures that the details of the contract such as basic code of conduct, allowances on subletting, tenure of residency, eviction protection laws etc are discussed personally, between the client and the proprietor. All negotiations are confined to them without revealing sensitive information to a third-party. Most of the renters nowadays are working professionals who prefer to rely on technology for time-saving and cost-efficient business deals. This prevents the inconvenience of handling paperwork which is not just easier but also sustainable for the environment. Property 852, which is named so, based on Honk Kong’s area code, attempts to integrate innovation and comfort to let tenants have full control over their housing preferences and transactions.