Global Collagen Peptides Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 – 2026



    Global Collagen Peptides Market research report 2020 delivers a holistic vision of the global Market also analyze the current industry state, demands, and the business strategies implemented by Market players.

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    According to BlueWeaves Consulting, Global Collagen Peptide Market size is expected to reach USD 4,778.40 Million by 2026 from USD 3,677.63 Million in 2019 at a CAGR of 3.89% over the forecast period 2020-2026. The growth of the global food processing industry, consumer awareness, and prevalence of lifestyle diseases has caused a paradigm shift in the consumption of food. The food formula containing protein is preferred for various health reasons. Nutra-ceutical and functional foods help prevent age-related diseases and are extensively consumed worldwide, giving opportunities for more product experimentation.

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    Collagen is an animal protein, which can be derived from bones, skin or connective tissues of cattle, fish, rabbit, horses or pigs. Collagen peptides are a versatile protein source, and their nutritional and physiological properties improve bone and joint health and lead to beautiful skin. They increase bone density, relieve joints pain and help reduce wrinkles & roughness of skin. The collagen peptide industry is in the process of development, with numerous players often adapting and discovering the benefits that it provides to the consumers.

    In respect of source, the market is segmented into Bovine, Porcine, and Marine & Others. Among all sources, the Bovine segment is anticipated to develop at a faster pace during the projection period due to easy availability and biocompatibility of beef. It will be followed by Marine source as fish are considered the best in terms of absorption rate, little fat and a high percentage of proteins. Also, its high bioavailability compared to other animal-derived collagen peptides makes it more appropriate for medical purposes.

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    Growing healthcare awareness and desire for safe-ageing among consumers have resulted in the enhanced demand for such nutritious food supplements and products. The specific functionalities of food-intake specifically related to protein find traction for wellness.


    Collagen Peptide is widely used for wound healing, bone repair and a wide variety of dental, orthopedic, and surgical ailments. Also, it finds application in cardiac diseases as the heart valves consist of collagen tissue. The artificial collagen derived from animal sources helps correct the valve-hardening because of calcium accumulation over age.

    Collagen sponges, shields, liposomes, microspheres, and nanoparticles are some of the drug delivery products used in the treatment of diverse diseases. For instance, Liposomes and nanoparticles provide sustained relief, whereas the encapsulation of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) protects against disintegration in gastric acid juices. The increased marketing of novel Collagen-based drug delivery systems, rigorous Research and Development Activities in regenerative medicine and wound healing, and increased awareness of the Personal Well-Being drive the Collagen Peptides Market.