Pecka Products Are Now Offering Free Ideas For Hens Party Games



Australia's biggest online retailers of hens night suppliers now offer free hens party game ideas to make any hen party memorable.

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Hens party games are a sure-fire way to get everyone to ditch their phones. They also help to break the ice and set the mood for the evening. But, a lot of these games are boring and have been played at every party.

Pecka Products, Australia’s largest online retailer of hens night supplies, has published a free hens night games guide to make things exciting and fun. The PDF document contains more than 30 games, ranging from simple to raucous, and ones that need some elaborate preparations.

“We have curated a list of some of the best hens party games that everyone will love and are perfect for getting the party started. You can buy some of the games on the Pecka Products website at half-price while others are straightforward and can be played as-is,” says a spokesperson for the online hens party supplies store.

For instance, to play the How Well You Know Your Hubby-To-Be game, all they need are answers to a set of questions about the groom to see if the bride knows the man she is about to marry. Games like Truth or Dare can be made interesting by buying the Truth or Dare game kit at Pecka Products. And for some games like Bridal Pictionary, you don’t need anything, except a few large sheets of paper and some marker pens.

The Pecka Products website has one of the most extensive collections of hens night supplies, including hens night-themed cutlery, cake moulds and toppers, party decorations, sashes, and photo props. “We are also offering a 50% discount on all our products to make your hens night affordable,” adds the spokesperson.

The online retailer also offers free delivery anywhere in Australia on orders over $60. “We promise safe and secure shopping and fast delivery. There is a wide range of secure payment options to cater to all needs. Customers can pay through credit card or PayPal, or pay directly into our bank account,” he adds.

About Pecka Products:

Pecka Products is one of Australia’s largest retailers of hens party supplies. The store offers an extensive range of hens party decorations and accessories, including hens party games, gifts, and other novelty items.

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