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Schedule message with date & time for any of your whatsapp contacts

Press Release

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All Excellent Apps is pleased to announce the release of a new app. “Auto Whatscheduler: Schedule WhatsApp Message App” is an app that allows you to schedule messages with date & time for any of your WhatsApp contacts.

You can schedule a WhatsApp message for any specific time and day you need with whatscheduler app.
Not only you will be able to schedule message but also will be able to broadcast your business messages on WhatsApp altogether. You can look at your past scheduled message details in a simple view by just sorting your contact names or by date and time.

We are excited to launch such an exciting app called ‘“Auto Whatscheduler: Schedule WhatsApp Message App”, that will let users not miss any important dates and days, either use for business purposes or personal use. Using the app, you can organize and manage your business on WhatsApp very easily. Furthermore, you will never forget to wish you’re loved once on their special occasions, whether it’s their birthdays or any special days”. Said the CEO of All excellent Apps during the launch.

Supports WhatsApp & WhatsApp business

– Add Contact: Select your contacts from WhatsApp messenger
– Select Date: Add a date on when you want to auto send a message
– Schedule Time: Select time to schedule text delivery
– Type Message: Create a message for WhatsApp that you want to send

How This Text Scheduler for WhatsApp app works:

– Schedule messages to avoid forgetting important messages to send
– Wish family & friends on their special days without a miss
– Auto message facility helps to be on time without being available
– WhatsApp message timer to deliver important messages on time
– Auto chat planner to initiate a conversation at specific time

Organize, manage and be always productive with Whatscheduler App.