Paul Arssov – the founder of ‘Decentralized Web Project’ is building a decentralized communication and advertising platform



We are creating a decentralized web project to enable users to easily perform decentralized communication.

Press Release

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The Decentralized Web (dWeb) project is established on the idea of restructuring web communications and advertising platforms from a ‘’client-server’’ to a true ‘’peer to peer’’ model. It denotes that users can directly communicate with each other without depending on the server.

While developing a decentralized web project, we aim at building a platform for decentralized communication and advertising.

The key word here to ponder upon is “Decentralization”. We believe that is innovative, upcoming and post-blockchain technology. Decentralization is misunderstood as a feature of blockchain tech but in reality, it is way bigger than that.

We too own a blockchain instance but its purpose is just a support element in our project.

Who is the target audience?

There are billions of internet users surfing the internet each day and millions of websites offering information for the end-users.

Our Decentralized web project targets all current Internet users and offers a new way of accessing the Internet.

What benefits people will get?

The core of decentralization is direct (elimination of server) peer-to-peer communication.

Our project offers this and tons of other incentives in the form of crypto-tokens for – becoming a new user, inviting people, viewing ads, running a bridge/node…

What are we most proud of?

We were looking for blockchain to deploy in our multiple projects. We experimented through multiple choices over several years – ethereum, avalanche, binance smart chain, polygon.

By its nature, blockchains are ‘rent seeking’.

We were not willing to ‘pay rent’ to other chains so we started running our blockchain instance.

Why invest in this project?

It is a fact that dWeb is the future, post- blockchain technology. By collaborating in our dWeb project you are becoming a part of a modernizing future that will be bringing a tremendous in the web as we know it today. Of course, there are many roadblocks to overcome along the way for the dWeb technology to be broadly adopted.