New Supply Chain Management Software Features Introduced by NYGGS Cost-Effective Solution to Boost Leads



NYGGS is an Indian cloud-based software development business. It offers a suite of products, including HRMS, Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Construction Management Systems, Fuel Monitoring Software.

Press Release

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In recent years, people have witnessed that the supply chain has become increasingly complex. It is also evident that expecting success in the industry is impossible without a smooth supply chain. Thus, small and medium business enterprises suffer a lot in such a case. Supply Chain Management Software is the solution to managing all the hassles, costs, and fortunes. To make the software accessible to all NYGGS Automation Suite, a Gurugram-based company has developed its software in a cost-effective league.

Supply Chain Management Software caters to various industries, helping them solve their supply needs. Businesses using the software stated that ‘it helps reduce costs and maintain product quality.’ NYGGS SCM System has the feature of a centralized data storage system, which enhances the software adaptation number. This is because the option of centralized data storage decreases communication errors. Moreover, it increases transparency in the system as it acts as a bridge between several departments.

Here is the List of Features that make NYGGS SCM stand out of the crowd:


NYGGS SCM Software is a cost-effective solution that levels the playing field for small businesses. It allows the system to access cutting-edge supply chain management tools without breaking the bank. The software offers a scalable pricing model that grows with the business. Further, it ensures that companies only pay for the features and capabilities they need.

Real-Time Visibility

One of the standout features of NYGGS SCM is its real-time visibility into every aspect of the supply chain. Businesses can now monitor inventory levels, track shipments, and analyze performance metrics in real-time. Therefore, it enables proactive decision-making and reduces the risk of disruptions.

Ease of Integration

NYGGS SCM seamlessly integrates with existing systems. Further, it eliminates the need for extensive IT resources and costly disruptions during implementation. This ensures a smooth transition for small businesses. Additionally, it allows them to quickly adopt and leverage the software’s capabilities without major operational disruptions.

Supplier Collaboration

The software facilitates effective collaboration with suppliers. It helps small businesses to build strong, transparent relationships. This not only enhances communication but also reduces lead times. Additionally, it enhances overall supply chain resilience.

NYGGS Automation Suite CEO Shalini Aggarwal expressed excitement about the impact NYGGS SCM is expected to have on small businesses, stating, “We understand the challenges that small businesses face in managing their supply chains efficiently. NYGGS SCM is a testament to our commitment to providing affordable and powerful solutions that empower small enterprises to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.”