Vindaloo Softtech is excited to showcase its top-notch products in the upcoming Call & Contact Centre Expo in Las Vegas



Find revolutionary communications solutions at the Vindaloo Softech Show at the Call & Contact Center Expo in Las Vegas. Streamline your work with our new products. Don't miss this opportunity!

Press Release

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India, April 8, 2024- Being a forerunner in the field of VoIP enterprise software development, Vindaloo Softtech is excited to showcase its industry-best products from booth no. 3070 in Las Vegas in the upcoming exhibition. It is rolling its sleeves to get prepared for the Call & Contact Center Expo on April 24th & 25th 2024.

This event is held to learn and make the customer service experience better. At this, Vindaloo Softtech will not only represent its products but also look forward to meeting many industry leaders and aspirants and exchanging ideas with them.

Vindaloo Softtech is a reputed offshore software development company widely recognized for its expertise in crafting innovative VoIP software solutions. They offer various solutions such as; FreeSWITCH and WebRTC solutions, Asterisk development, Web and Mobile App development, Custom CRM development, and Staff Augmentation services. Their technology solutions improve how businesses operate while allowing clients to succeed in the constantly changing digital world. It is the customer-focused approach and attention to detail that makes Vindaloo Softtech a trusted partner for diverse clients.

“It is a great opportunity for us to represent Vindaloo Softtech and its products at the Call & Contact Expo at Las Vegas Convention Centre. Being among 3000 industry professionals will give us great scope to present our innovative solutions that can empower businesses to shape their future,” expressed Bhaskar Metikel, the Founder of Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd.”

About Vindaloo Softtech:

Vindaloo Softtech is a leading company that provides custom software development and staff support services. They believe in enabling innovation through their technical expertise.

Vindaloo Softtech works with emerging AI technologies like OpenAI, chatbot-automated IVR systems, and similar advancements. Their VoIP products showcase their commitment to pushing technological excellence.

Our Flagship Products include:

Callcentr8: the call center software
CloveKonnect: the VoIP billing system
PepperPBX: the multi-tenant IP PBX
PimentoPhone: the cross-platform VoIP softphone

We are excited to represent CallCentr8, our top-tier call center solution, at the Call & Contact Center Expo. Boasting advanced features like intelligent call routing and AI-powered enhancements, CallCentr8 promises to revolutionize operations for exceptional customer experiences. Visit our booth 3070 to see firsthand how it drives efficiency and productivity.

About Call & Contact Center Expo:

The way contact centers operate changed a lot during the pandemic and these changes happened very quickly. Companies in the customer service industry need to be able to adapt to all these fast changes. This allows them to create a good experience for their customers.

With the motive to give companies a platform to meet and discover the ways to improve call and contact services, the Expo is going to be held on April 24th & 25th at Las Vegas Convention Center.