New Sales Forecasting Software with cutting-edge features in 2021 to overcome the impact of COVID-19 Pandemic



Sales forecasting is the process of demand forecasting and sales forecasting. Sales forecasting is not a simple feat, especially for businesses with inadequate software and tools.

Press Release

Having an advanced sales plan, strategies, and process, Avercast offers 208+ advanced algorithms and formulas in Sales Forecasting Software, enabling your business to make informed strategic decisions and come up with the most accurate outcomes. This report includes all the offerings provided by Avercast’s sales forecasting software suite with tailor-made features, and the benefits you have to take advantage of to boost your business’s retails revenue and demand.

Today, Avercast Infotech company announces its new sales forecasting software, which ultimately helps projecting demand for the products and services where you can enhance your inventory, production scheduling, planning, financial, and economic planning. Our software is web-based, user-friendly software and can be accessible from where ever you want. Leverage optimum statistical prediction methods with real-time insight provided by your business salespeople, marketing team. The outcomes are more appropriate that improve your sales and demand levels, customer satisfaction, and more. Industries and Manufacturers now agree that automating various decisions helps enhance effectiveness and improve supply chain management. Avercast offers to analyze thousands of situations in seconds to create the periods. Our clients use these outstanding projections to adequately optimize inventory and operations and improve our program’s economic performance. And from 4 decades, we have proved to be the best and stand out of all the competitors. Best sales forecasting software solutions are what we promise to deliver.

About Avercast

Avercast’s Sales Forecasting Software retail, supply chain planning software, sales forecasting tools use the most accurate formula and algorithms to predict and navigate demand. Integrate the best of all algorithms into your demand forecast now. Exclude stock-out and over-stock situations rather than making decisions based on an outdated planning method. Boost up the speed of your business. We understand the patterns of the market changes to strategize adequately. An efficient plan offers the companies a head start in planning and an edge above the opponents.