Lites Plus Is a DTE Energy Trade Ally



Lites Plus is pleased to announce they are a DTE Energy Trade Ally.

Press Release

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Lites Plus is pleased to announce they are a DTE Energy Trade Ally. This distinction means they are dedicated to bringing big energy savings to small businesses to help them do their part to save energy, while saving money on their utility bills to keep operation costs down.

Lites Plus takes great pride in providing their customers with high-quality, energy-efficient lighting options to keep their businesses well lit and cost efficient. While they offer a variety of options to meet the needs of each of their customers, they recommend their product of the month. The current product of the month is the Archipelago LED tubes. These versatile tubes work with or without a ballast in various lengths, wattages and color temperatures. These products come with a seven-year warranty for peace of mind.

Another popular product for Lites Plus is Olympia’s UVC lamp. This disinfection lamp is the perfect solution to keep businesses clean and sanitary, particularly during the increased cleaning protocols due to the pandemic. One lamp can disinfect an area up to 1,200 square feet in just 60 minutes, further improving the cleanliness of any business, both for the employees who work there and the customers who visit.

Anyone interested in learning about the products available or how they can benefit their business can find out more by visiting the Lites Plus website or by calling 1-517-715-5050.

About Lites Plus: Lites Plus is a commercial lighting supplier that is focused on helping small businesses save money on their energy costs. They offer a variety of energy-efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs that provide their customers with the lighting they need while saving money in the long run. They are proud to help their customers with financing, rebates and more to increase their cost savings.

Company: Lites Plus
Address: 227 Maple Street
City: Portland
State: MI
Zip code: 48875
Telephone number: 1-517-715-5050
Email address: [email protected]