Japanese Interior Material Online Store “Zen interior” opened recently.



The concept is that high-quality Japanese products are to the world. There are more than 10,000 items they sell. More items will be added as needed. You can find what you want at the online store.

Press Release

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Nagoya, June 17, 2021: Wakodo Co., Ltd announced today that it opened an online store; Zen Interior for customers overseas. There is more than 10,000 of Authentic Japanese products that you can buy, such as Wallpaper, Carpet tiles, Vinyl tiles, Composition tiles, laminate sheets, linoleum, tatami mats, PVC decorative film, Film for glass, curtain and chair fabric, vinyl baseboard, etc. There are also necessary items for Zen interior like Noren, Pillowcase, and Shoji paper.




At Order Zen Interior, customers can choose from a large selection of products that can fit any style. Based out of Nagoya, Japan, Wakodo has served both the local and international community for over 40 years, helping customers with their interior design and installation needs.  In recent years, however, more and more customers have been requesting online access to Zen Interior’s catalogs and inventory, so they listened. The company is an authorized distributor of Japanese interior material manufacturers such as Sangetsu, Toli, Lilycolor, Tokiwa, Runon, Nichibei, Sincol, Suminoe, Tajima, Toso etc. You can buy all these Japanese leading interior material manufacturers’ products through them.


Zen Interior is proud to announce the launch of their new online store where you can find high-quality products and expect lightning-fast delivery times, all at competitive prices

Customers can easily shop, order, and ship Zen Interior products from anywhere in the world!


For more information, please visit https://japan-zen.com/


They will keep adding some interesting Japanese products. You can also ask them if they can sell when there is something Japanese you are interested in.




Yuri Nomura

Overseas Operations Division

Wakodo Co., Ltd.

1-1706, Inokoishihara, Meito-Ku,

Nagoya, Aichi, Japan 465-0008

Phone: (81)52-774-5063


Mail: [email protected]

URL: https://japan-zen.com/