Important booking policies of Easy Parcel- Things you need to know



Important booking policies of Easy Parcel- Things you need to know

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Being a reliable and popular logistic service provider, EasyParcel enjoys traffic from users all across the world. While many people book parcels here relentlessly, they are unaware of the basic terms and policies of the website. This may lead to problems ahead relating to lost parcels, refunds, cancellations, insurance coverage, missing tracking information and so on.

Use of information

The EasyParcel provides the facility of booking express courier service malaysia. The website asks for personal information during the registration of users. However, the website clearly mentions that it will not use the information for any purpose other than serving the customers with the best-in-class service. The information is also not uploaded on any other platform which is not related to EasyParcel. Hence, users need not worry about their log-in information or other sensitive data such as phone numbers or passwords. It is all encrypted and secured.

Prohibited item list

Many users think that EasyParcel allows the booking of all types of parcels. However, such is not the case. The company clearly mentions on its website, the prohibited item list that should not be included in the package. The information finds relevance as many courier companies also have a list of prohibited items and your parcel may be returned or rejected. EasyParcel will not want its users to face rejection later on after booking and that is why the list forms an important part of the policies of the website.

Packaging store

Under this section, EasyParcel has addressed the users about the packaging stores operated different corier services. The stores are well-facilitated and one can expect world-class packing from the companies. One can easily drop off the parcel at one of these stores and say goodbye to worries related to unsafe packaging. These stores also form an important part of logistics throughout the globe.

Brand guidelines

Different brands offer different rules and regulations for packing and courier of their products. All of this and much more are mentioned on the official EasyParcel website. The brand guidelines will help users meet the courier standards so that the product can reach the receiver safely. The guidelines and rules may vary depending upon the type, cost, size and nature of the product being sent. Hence, it’s important to go through these before you plan on using the EasyParcel booking platform.