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When you are doing photo to painting then you have to see the essential factors that are included within it.

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The difference between photos and paintings

When you are doing photo to painting then you have to see the essential factors that are included within it. Even then you have to know the basic difference between photos and paintings. Take for example photos include taking snap shots from the camera and this happens within a second. On the other hand the task of doing any painting is a very much long process. It may take a minimal time of 1 hour and maximum time duration of 3 hours. With the help of a painting you can show the expressions and mood of the person whose painting you are making. Even yet today you can convert a photo into a painting with some advanced software apps. These apps are available in the market at a very cheap cost.

The interesting history of doing paintings

You will even see that when you create a photo then you have to make it with the help of negatives. On the other hand paintings are made with the help of variety of colors on a canvas. When you do the task of photo to painting then just keep all these things in your mind. Again photos can be converted into paintings well with the help of Adobe Photoshop in the long way. The history of making paintings is very interesting and unique. It started in Europe in the countries of Italy and France. They were having a hobby of doing artistic works and thus their artists started doing paintings. All this happened before 12th century A.D.

The similarity between photos and paintings

Even then when you do photo to painting then you will observe that they too have some similar features. Take for example they are being used to make images and pictures of people who are renowned in the field of art, sports, politics and history. However the time duration of a photo and painting is a bit different. You can shoot a photo of any person, animal and non living thing within a second. On the other hand when you make a painting of all of them then it might take a long time.

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