How to Upgrade Seat on Copa Airlines?



    If you have an urge to pamper yourself with sheer luxury and comfort, then opt for the seat upgrade in Copa Airlines and enjoy a premium experience.

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    Copa Airlines offers you the opportunity to get the seat upgrade to the Business Class to provide the best-in-class flying experience to the travelers. If you get an upgrade on Copa Airlines flight, then you will be eligible for enjoying all benefits like registration and boarding special line, access to the VIP Rooms, Business Class bags franchise, and personalized and custom attention. Upgrade can be made from the moment you have made Copa Airlines Reservations until the flight check-in. Go through the important guidelines along with the procedure to get an upgrade here and proceed accordingly.

    Important Facts to Know About Copa Airlines Seat Upgrade

    • There are two types of upgrades available i.e. Instant Upgrade and Bid Upgrade.
    • Instant Upgrades are the business class upgrades that are confirmed immediately by paying the fixed amount of fare. Therefore, there is no need to compete against bids and wonder whether your bid will be potential enough to get an upgrade. However, this option is available in only selected flights in which this option is available.
    • Bid upgrades, as the name implies, is an upgrade type in which you will have to place bids according to your budget. If you bid is high enough, then you will get an upgrade and the airline will inform you about the same via email. Make sure to place the high bid if you are eager to get an upgrade.
    • If your flight offers upgrades, then you can also get the same at the airport as well. Show up at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight take-off and request the agents to get an upgrade. However, this is applied to the selected airports only.
    • Travelers will be informed between 48 hours and 12 hours whether their upgrade is accepted or not.
    • In case, your upgrade will be rejected, then you will have to pay no charge; however, if it is approved, then you will have to pay the fare difference, as applicable.

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