How can you use wax melts without a burner?



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Wax melts are very special kinds of small candles that come in all sizes and also shapes, and the best part about them is that they come in standard cubes and also snap bars. 

You can take these melts as a heart for valentines, trees for Christmas, and also many other kinds of sizes of wax melt depending on the situation and occasion. 

The one thing which they all have in common is that to produce a great scent inside them. You will need to light them up with a wax melt burner, and also these burners are easy to use and available anywhere. 

To use them, you will have to simply place wax melt on top of the burner, and then you will have to light a tea light candle and keep it below the burner. 

This will make sure that the burner plate gets nice and hot, and due to this reason, the wax melts start to dissolve and gives out a fresh and good scent that refreshes the mood. 

You can also take the electric one, which works in the same manner, but instead of putting the tea light candle, you need to put the wax melt on top and then plug the burner into a socket. 


Within a matter of minutes, the room in which you have kept the burner will be full of fragrance, and it will be very refreshing for those who entered the room, or they have smelled the scent inside of the room. 

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Max melts are made from the small bits of wax that are made out of the leftover wax after making the candle, and they are available in different designs and also materials. 

Most of the wax burners are made out of ceramic material because it gets heated up quickly and takes less time for the melts to get hot and release their fragrance. 

There are different kinds, sizes, and also shapes of wax melt that you can find in the market, and some of the wax melts are present in the form of liquid which you can use just like the normal ones. 

The combination of the wax melt along with the wax burner is very cheap, and you can get them easily from the internet or your local market, and you don’t have to pay a huge amount of money. 

It is preferred that with the wax melts, you use a burner because it is the fastest and also the efficient way in which you can use the wax melts to their full capacity and release their fragrance. 

Even if you don’t have a wax burner or you did not get one from anywhere, then there are ways in which you can still use these wax melts. 

The first thing is that you can either take a box or a plate. Keep it in them and then microwave it for 20 – 30 seconds, so they start melting and releasing scent. 

Another way is that you have to get a heatproof tray, keep your wax melt on the tray and then put it over the log burner to release its scent. 

You can also use a big pot and some boiling water to melt the wax inside it and release its fragrance. 

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How to trim candle wick and why?

If you are a regular candle user, you will notice that some of the candles that you use in your day-to-day life get over or burn very quickly, but they cost you a lot of money too. 

This is why by using this method, you will be able to preserve all your candles for a long time and also increase their burning time with some simple steps. 

It is also very important for you to learn how to do it so that anytime you get a candle for yourself, you can do this simple trick and get over with the tension. 

Many of the candles which you use normally will not last long that much to the time which has been specified by the makers on the box. 

If you simply just take out the candle from the box and light it simply, then there is a huge chance that you are missing out on the 20% – 25% lifeline of the candle and reducing it.

Many people think that if there is a long and larger flame, there will be light, and also you can see things in the distance, but it is wrong. 

The larger the flame is burning, the more will be the requirement of fuel that is wax, and so the candle will burn itself out quickly if you don’t cut the wick of the candle. 

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They have every solution that you want, and along with that, they even sell different kinds of candles along with wax melts and their burners in the market and on the internet. 

Most of the candles that you buy from the market should have their wick cut from their makers, so when you just take out a fresh candle, you don’t need to do anything. Just light the candle and use it. 

But you can use it one time for any purpose and then cut the wick of the candles so that the next time you use it, you can preserve the candle for a long time. 

To check when to cut, you have to first light the candle, and if there is a lot of soot coming out from the candle, you will need to extinguish it, cool it down, and then cut some wick off. 

Some typical warnings are given by the candle itself when it is the right time to cut the wick of the candle, and they are. 

There is too much soot from the candle. It produces a large flame. It blackens the candle jar. The wax burns unevenly, and also the wick of the candle starts to curl up after burning. 

You will have to cut the wick of the candle only 0.25 inches after using the candle and letting it cool down because then you might be able to preserve the candle for more than 4 hours. 

If you are going to cut the wick of the candle, then you will need the tool called a wick cutter. You can easily cut the wick with this tool, and it is very small, so you can carry it anywhere. 

If you have cut too much of the wick, you should gently dig some wax off around its edges to make the candle burn again. 

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